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Custom Design Group, LLC is the leading source for custom apparel and accessories. We are driven by the goal of helping you, your team, school, organization, or business - make YOUR statement. Whether you are stepping onto the court or into an office, we are here to complete your head-to-toe presentation. 

We prioritize customization, quick turnaround, quality products, and competitive pricing. While we specialize in many things, there is one aspect that makes us unique, we were once a customer too. Our kids grew up playing sports and frequently liked to customize their gear. Of course, we could have asked a local manufacturer to complete our order, but the 6-10 week turnaround and the high minimums pushed us to find a better option. 

Custom Design Group began our venture in manufacturing and marketing high quality socks. Once our kids wore their customized socks to practices and games, all of their teammates and opponents wanted to customize their own socks as well. We took our acryllic All-Sport athletic socks and added visual design features. We were able to combine a great quality athletic sock with customized designs and quick turnaround times, all 50% below the standard market price.

Though socks were our beginning, we didn't stop there! 

With the up and coming demand for customized gear, we have now provided local markets with the gear they want for years. We are now a full service customization company with staff on hand ready to assist with your very own customization needs. We have a range of local and global sourcing options that make us competitive across many regions. To top it all off, we offer many different techniques such as screen printing, direct to garment, 360 3D printing, sublimination printing, embroidery applique, heat transfer and much more which allows us to meet very specific needs.